NCAAA Responds to Department of Labor Report on Zip Line Safety

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TODD, N.C. – For the last several months, the North Carolina Aerial Adventure Association (NCAAA) has been in direct communication with the North Carolina Department of Labor (DOL) and interested North Carolina legislators in order to provide information about the aerial adventure industry in North Carolina.

On February 1, 2016, the DOL submitted a report on the aerial adventure industry to the General Assembly that was in response to their directive to study North Carolina zip line operations and determine the need for regulation of this industry.  Upon review, NCAAA finds the DOL report is extensive, well researched, and thorough.

NCAAA is impressed and pleased with how the DOL has gone about its review, reporting and findings from their work. The DOL correctly recognizes the diversity of the aerial adventure industry and highlighted the standards followed by most in the industry regarding the design, construction, installation and operation of aerial adventure facilities. Also, DOL correctly noted that most incidents are caused by human error and are minor; there is inherent risk in these activities, yet accidents resulting in injury to participants are rare. The assumption of risk and the active nature of these activities are what make our industry exciting and compelling, and therefore it is more of a sport than an amusement experience.

NCAAA has been engaged with the State and the DOL throughout the development of the report and will continue to work with our industry, associates and State to improve the installation and operations of the adventure course industry in NC.

The NCAAA is a new professional trade organization formed by owners and operators of zip lines, aerial adventure parks, challenge courses and ropes courses in the state of North Carolina. The mission of NCAAA is to facilitate dialogue, interactions, advocacy and representation for owners and operators of aerial adventure facilities located within the State of North Carolina.  NCAAA has a Board of Directors, retains a professional lobbyist, and maintains an official website at


Download NC DOL Report on Zip Line Safety

Download PDF version of NCAAA Response