NC Legislation Update – May 23, 2016

Since the last update Representative Davis met with the Department of Labor, and the NCAAA lobbyist (David Ferrell) and lobbyists for the YMCA and NCYCA.  Rep. Davis has expressed that while he is open to modifying the bill, he nevertheless plans to submit the bill for a vote during this year’s session. His first step in that process is to have the bill heard in the House Judiciary III Committee on Wed May 25, where he is a co-chair.  Last week his co-chair, Representative Sarah Stevens, indicated that she would hear the bill for discussion purposes only, and not have a vote at that meeting.  Her idea is to see how things develop before holding a vote.  The bill must also go before the House Finance Committee.

Rep. Davis is open to working with NCAAA and the camp and YMCA interest groups to improve the bill. NCAAA will continue to be involved in the process to improve the bill with the goal of having a bill that all interest groups can support, finalized and ready for the 2017 legislative session, rather than rushing to have a bill ready for the 2016 session.


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