NC Legislation Update – July 5, 2016

The 2016 North Carolina General Assembly legislative session ended when the House and Senate adjourned the session late Friday night, July 1st.  The proposed zip line and challenge course regulation bill introduced by Representative Ted Davis was not considered further after the hearing a few weeks ago in the House Judiciary III Committee.  NCAAA and our lobbyist have been very active in our opposition to this bill over the last few months.  Because the 2016 legislative session has ended, the proposed bill is now considered dead.  The potential exists, however, that the bill could be reintroduced and considered in the next session.

The 2017 legislative session will begin in late January.  NCAAA has received encouragement from several sources within the legislature to draft proposed legislation that we support.  Over the next few months NCAAA will work with other industry stakeholder organizations within North Carolina to develop proposed regulations that are appropriate, practical and effective,with the goal of securing a legislator who will introduce it as a bill early in the 2017 session.

The likelihood is that legislation regulating our industry is coming soon in North Carolina, and these regulations will affect us all.  To be most successful, NCAAA needs the involvement of all North Carolina operators, designers, builders, and affiliated industries that care about our rich history of providing life enhancing activities through ropes course programing, ropes courses, challenge courses, adventure courses, zip lines, climbing walls and towers.

If you are not already a member of NCAAA, then please consider joining so that you have a voice in the future of your industry!

Go to and become a member today.


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