Our Mission

The NCAAA mission is to advance the aerial adventure industry through advocacy, communication, education, and cooperation among builders, commercial, non-profit and governmental operators, and other organizations and agencies located in North Carolina.  Operators within the aerial adventure industry include those providing ropes courses, challenge courses, adventure courses, zip lines, and canopy tours.

Strategic Objectives

Advocacy and Awareness

  • To promote, protect and encourage, by any and all legitimate methods, to represent the common interests of, and improve conditions among, members of the challenge course, zip line and aerial adventure industry.
  • The Association will, among other things, provide opportunities to strengthen recreational and educational opportunities by encouraging cooperation among builders, commercial operators and other organizations facilitating aerial adventures, communicating industry information, and building relationships with various private, non-profit, public and governmental interests and agencies
  • Advance the image, visibility, and understanding of the aerial adventure industry with public policy makers, allied industries, media, and the general public.

Member Services and Support

  • Provide educational opportunities and technical and information resources to NCAAA members.
  • Provide networking and fellowship opportunities to foster information exchange in support of members and their practices.

Supporting the Future of the Aerial Adventure Industry

  • Raise awareness of the aerial adventure industry as a career option and help recruit a diverse pool of individuals into the industry.
  • Support outdoor education programs.
  • Support the growth and recognition of the industry around the world.

Governance and Management

  • Maintain effective lines of communication and information exchange with and among members, allied organizations, and others.
  • Exercise responsible financial management and administrative oversight to ensure effective use of NCAAA resources.
  • Identify priorities and objectives that respond to member needs.
  • Advance NCAAA and ensure that programs are managed and implemented in accordance with member- and Board-identified goals.